Monthly Archive: May 2014


How to Test Your App in Real Device

After the installation of Android Studio, a new app is opened in emulator by default. If we want to test the app in real device. We can change the Target Device  to “USB device”...


當發生錯誤訊息:java: package does not exist解決方法(IntelliJ)

在IntelliJ的環境下,若執行期間發生錯誤訊息:java: package does not exist 可嘗試到專案任意package按右鍵->Open module Settings->將各module用到的library前的Export打勾,如下圖。     以下是IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 Web Help對於這個Export checkbox的解釋: If this check box is selected, a library is included in the compilation classpath of the dependent...