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WikiCards is a language learning tool released by Vosie. You may wonder why we write WikiCards and what’s the relationships between our main goal, to help eye impaired group.

Our main thought is to develop a service to collect human readings. But it is too complex for just two developers, Thomas and John Hu. We decided to cut them as pieces. That’s the birth of WikiCards. It will be comprised of a web service, an app, and few tools. The web service hosts data for us, like country information. The app is the entry point of our service. The tools are responsible for collecting data from Wikipedia. That’s a miniature of our future service. Before starting the main service, we base on WikiCards to develop our rules, CI, coding style, reviewing procedure, etc. That’s important for a big system. You may view it as a scout of our main service.

Let’s come back to WikiCards. It is a flash card app to help you learn multiple languages. We collect information in English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Vietnamese, Urdu, Russian, Norwegian, and Dutch. You can learn from different kind of language at one app. WikiCards supports offline learning. You may download our offline database to learn it offline. We do not provide offline images for you because the image may take lots storage in your devices. But, we will cache images for you once you had viewed them once.

By the way, WikiCards is an open source project. You may find WikiCards’ source at If you feel something bad, please file a bug at our issue tracking system: And it is very welcome to provide your pull request to our repo. Please note we have reviewing procedure. You can annotate @john-hu or @thomas771020 to ask us for reviewing. And we accept one commit for one PR. So, please squash them after the patch reviewed.

We will release all of our source codes under You are all welcome to join us to make world better no matter what you major in.


Thank you,

John Hu

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